Thursday, September 21, 2023

Have You ©©

Have you ever woken up 

Standing a top the highest peak

Have you ever found yourself in the dark

Not knowing what you seek

Have you seen your life flash by

While still dreaming of a future

Have you seen it all

Yet it’s all a blur

Have you ever felt your heart hurt so much

You wish it would stop beating

Have you ever let go of something

Knowing you were not meant to hold onto

Have you seen me

Out amongst the dark skies

Have you ever found yourself 

Wandering down empty streets

Have you ever looked into the eyes 

Of those you know

Have you lived or just existed

As you march into the setting sun

Have you ever held someones hand

Did it warm up your  soul

Have you seen someones face

After you smile back

Have you 


1 comment:

itisi said...

Just being sure we are still on the same planet.