Friday, March 03, 2006

The Toll ©©

They say that a cat has nine lives.
I scoff at that.
I have died a thousand deaths but, yet I’m still here.

From the day of my birth, I was destined to pay the toll.
I have been robbed
I have been broken
I have been stabbed
And ……………….. Whatever else there is to do for a soul to bare a burden.

I have passed on….. only to see darkness, then to be dragged back to this.
And what is this, but not the darkness in the light.

I walk through life watching it pass me by
Mocking me
Telling me, that the toll has not been paid

Will a million years of pain suffice?
Would you be appeased or is my debt eternal?

It’s not a sharp pain that I feel.
Just a numbing weight pushing down like the moon on your shoulders, making my knees bend.
The ground is there, close……… reachable.
But to far still.
Something keeps me standing.

There is still that toll to pay.


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