Thursday, October 11, 2018

Footsteps ©©

Footsteps skip across the night
I hear them slipping and sliding
Coasting down the road
Not in a rush yet, not casual

Are they going somewhere close
Or somewhere far
Are they going somewhere special
Or fleeing another life

The night howls but the footsteps clatter on
Singing their way through the night
Rain can’t slow them down
The mud clings to their souls

I can hear them clear as day
Marching to their own tune
Tripping on unforeseen obstacles
But never stopping on the way to the unknown

The wind pushes back
Pounding and clawing at the night
The footsteps move forward
Seeking no relief from what lays before or after

Footsteps kicking out a tune
As clear as day I can hear that they’re mine
I used to think that there was a way out of here
The footsteps I follow are mine


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Highway ©©

The highway of life takes us away
Into the night
Through wind and rain
Lost and bewildered
Delivering us to tomorrow
Robbing us of all the yesterdays

The highway of life snakes through time
Bringing me to the doorway of your heart
To your world
To a new, yet old feeling
To the pleasure and pain that it courts
Fulfilling the cravings that seer ones loins

The highway of life gives us purpose
A reason to follow
A need to find what lays over there
With the moon lighting the path
Guiding us down the path that we have chosen to travel down
The one that lures us ahead

The highway of life lays void
Waiting for us too paint the landscapes ahead
To lead the way for others to find 
To come and see what the future holds
To see how far you got
Or just to see what’s on the other side of the hill

The highway of life is long for some
Short for others
It’s sexy, yet ugly
It’s gentle, but brutal
It’s long and winding
It’s the highway of life


Saturday, September 08, 2018

Lost Inside The Machine ©©


Time goes by
The silence grows
Humanity is dissolving into the shadows
Hiding from the truth

Who is right
Who is wrong
Why does it matter
Is it all about me

Don’t you like the colour of my skin
It’s soft
Is it my religion
I don’t believe in one, I believe in all of them

Is it my sex
I have a cock 
But I have been told I could be a real cunt
Does that make me a hermaphrodite

Does it matter where you have been
Where you come from
Where you want to go
Or only where you end up

Space is not the home of the stars
It’s the silence between each second of time
The silence that consumes us all
Keeping us from reaching for the stars

Each child born into this dream
Will be swallowed up by the machine
The gears chewing up their souls
Fuelling the beast

Deafening silence
Mute souls
Battered and beaten
The walking dead

When will we break the silence
Find the courage, the will
To scream out this is MY DREAM
My soul



Friday, August 24, 2018

Life Is A Battlefield ©©

Nights lost in thought
Never finding what I need
A sky filled with stars
None I can touch

Nights spent walking 
Through a jungle of wants
Stumbling over selfish desires
Falling among lost dreams

Nights hiding behind shadows
Reaching out into the night
Grasping for a sliver of light
But none exist

Nights wrestling life
Pushing back when pushed
Winning all the battles 
Yet loosing every war

Nights laying in bed
Thinking of where I’ve been
What I’ve done
Who I am


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Silence ©©

Whatever happened to you?
Whatever happened to me?
Whatever happened to us?
Where did it all go wrong?

Was it me?
Was it you?
Did we fail?
Or is this survival?

Do I remember you?
Do you remember me?
Do you remember us?
Did it happen?

Drums roll across the sky
Lightning lashes out
The darkness explodes
As I look back one last time

When I wake up in the darkness
I see the light on the other side
When I wake up in the morning
I feel the darkness inside me

It’s alright
I live in the night
In the darkness 
Always following that light


Friday, March 09, 2018

Who Will Love You ©©

I have walked through the ages
Touched endless souls
Seen another’s pain
Caressed your love with a whisper

I have reached out in the night
Filling my arms with nothing but memories
Thoughts of days when we played in the darkness
Danced among the shadows

I was the devil that said I love you
You the angel that made it feel real
Then you were no longer there
And I'm left standing here all alone

All the time in the world is not enough
To heal every aching soul with the love that is
Forever is not enough when I have nothing left
Nothing is all that remains

Who will still love you when there is nothing left to love
How will you love someone when you have nothing left to give 
When I look at the heavens I see the stars looking down
Bright and beautiful, a million angels smiling my way


Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Dead End Mind ©©

I’ve reached the end
This is as far as I can run
As far as I can go and still
Hold onto any dignity that may be left

This is where time stops you in your tracks
Telling you “I can’t carry you anymore”
“Turn, fight or lay down”
“Fade away with the fog consuming your mind”

So, this is the end?
It’s bitter taste choking any words that may be left
Reasons and excuses muted by reality
Lost among any truths that may still exist

This is where the four corners of the world meet
Forming a point in the center of a circle called earth
It’s where we all started
Where we all must come to find out who we are

Who am I?
Who have you made me into?
Is this really the end?


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Over Yonder ©©

I woke up this morning and walked a thousand miles
For lunch, I walked a thousand more
By midday I was ten thousand miles from home
At midnight I stood on the moon looking down at our world

Like a blue pearl staring up at me
Its tall mountains reaching up to the heavens
Beckoning me to come back
To find my way home

I look away to the stars
I want to go over yonder
Far from the world I know
Far from who I am

Over there is who I want to be
Here I am who I am
Surrounded by those who tear at my soul
Shredding any dreams, I may have

A million miles to get away
A billion more to get lost
A trillion miles to disappear
Infinity to cease to exist


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Homeward Bound ©©

I walk through light and darkness
Crossed oceans, climbed mountains
Grasped for what was just out of reach
Crossed the Jordan and fell in the river Styx

Across lush meadows into a land that didn’t exist
I searched for what could be
Found what wasn’t there
Yet still fell in love

I chased a dream
Far from where I began
Stalked by time to the end of the world
I ran off of that cliff and into tomorrow

Falling through time
I saw what was
Felt it all pour in at once just that last moment
When life rushed up to kiss my ass

Some would say I'm going to hell
I say watch CNN
Hell sounds like home


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Far ©©

Far from where I am
Far from who I was
Far from where I had to be

Wandering from land to land
From bed to bed
From one heart to another
Another stain you can’t wash away

Far from the shadows that be
Far from what I believe
Far from here

Ghosts wander these strange lands
Faceless figures with hollow souls
Grasping the air for something to fill the emptiness

Far out of touch
Far from reality
Far from the pain

Falling away from the light
Falling far into the night
Falling far out of reach
Falling into an endless abyss


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Monkey Business ©©

Sitting here in the night
Watching the sky looking down on me
I feel like I have been here before
Staring the hours, days away

When I close my eyes
I hear the leaves rustling in the trees
The coons tussling in the refuse
Fighting the creatures of the night for just one bite

I cover my ears
Sheltering my senses from the deafening silence
The voices are still there locked away in my mind
Prisoners of my soul

I cover my mouth
Yet the screams grow louder
Sounding familiar
They must be mine

Sitting here in time
In a beautiful world
Painted on a dirty canvas
Covered with ugly colors


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Where Do I Belong ©©

I think I have been here before
A long time ago
I came back too see what I left behind and found
I didn't belong

Sitting on a stool in the shadows of this bar
The bouncer at the door I've seen before
He's older than I
Forgotten by time, or lost

People walk by
A woman is murdering "crazy train" on the Karaoke machine
Others cheer her on
I want too die

My glass is empty
It's time to fade away
But a shadow grabs me from behind
With a haunting voice she stops me dead in my tracks

The room was empty
But for two shadows locked in time
Her moist lips winking at me with each word
Each breath that she took her breasts took mine away

Our eyes found each other and we knew
I didn't belong here
She closed her eyes and touch my soul
Outstretched arms beckoned me into her bosom

The sky was clear
Full of stars
The air crisp as it flowed all around
When she opened her eyes I was gone


Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Twinkle In The Night ©©

I walk into the wilderness
The sky is dark but for the stars and the moon
Silence all around
The wind wrestles the leaves in the trees

When the night comes
The shadows fall away
With nothing to hear
There is nothing left to fear

I have climbed this mountain to touch the sky
Reaching up above to be closer
Not to a god but a freedom I can’t explain
Only understand as I feel it

Life can be great
If you’re not afraid to walk into the wilderness
We walked away from the jungle and got lost
Forgot how to survive, how to live

Step outside and chase the night
Run until you find the dawn
Then look around
See how far you’ve come

The moon smiles from up above
The stars twinkle as they always have
Climb a mountain to see what you can touch
I have


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sweet Dreams ©©

Sweet dreams are made of these
Memories you never seen
Sweet dreams are made of those
Thoughts you never had

Some of those dreams you wanted
None of them you can touch
Some you had
None you could hold on too

We travel everywhere in a blink of an eye
Imprisoned in a heartbeat
Wandering in a trance

What are we looking for
What are you looking for
What am I looking for
What will it cost

Love me
Hate me
Hurt me
Forget me

Sweet dreams are made of all of these
Sweet desires
Sweet secrets
Sweet dreams to live and die by

Sweet dreams are made of these
Memories you never had
Sweet dreams are made of those
Desires you can’t have

Sweet dreams


Monday, February 20, 2017

Dream Weaver ©©

I was sitting in my room
Staring at four naked walls
Paper peeling to the floor
Dreaming of living in a dream of times gone by

I’m sitting in a room
Staring out a dirty window
There’s knocking at the door
Is it real or a dream from before?

Locked in this room
Paint in my nails
Pushing a door without a handle
Is it a nightmare to fear?

Shackled to the floor
It rolls away from the past
I can’t even turn to run away
What’s on your mind when you’re lost in time?

Is this room my home?
Is it my cell for all those lies that I have told?
Whatever happened to me?
What happened to you?

I’m sitting in this room
Staring at four walls
Dreaming of you
Dreaming of me

Just dreaming


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lost In My Mind ©©

I sit here lost in time
Void of any thoughts
Disconnected with any memories
Any sense of who am I

I have become blind
Sands of time bleed from empty sockets
Eroding the past
Leaving only crevices behind

I have become deaf
To my needs and yours
To the cries I don’t see
To the pain I don’t feel

I have lost the ability to speak
There is no one to hear
There is no one out there but the shadows
There is no one that cares

Lost in ones mind
Is it a curse or a blessing
Will I find what I am looking for
Or just fade away and never come back

Sitting here
Lost in time


Friday, June 17, 2016

The MIst ©©

A thick mist rolls across a naked land
A land scared will a billion heartaches
A billion souls scratching the earth for peace
Watered with oceans of bitter tears and a drop of pity

A thick mist kneels down to the ground
Embracing the passage of time
Caressing yesterday
For the tomorrows that may be or not

A thick mist hides what mustn’t be seen
From light or darkness
Light of day only brings on the shadows
Darkness of night hides them away

A thick mist rides a white stallion across the land
What is it bringing?
Is it love?
Or the four horsemen of the apocalypse

A thick mist silently comes……….


Friday, June 03, 2016

I Don't Know ©©

I don’t know where I have been
I don’t know what I have seen
I don’t know where I’m going
Or where I want to be

I don’t know day from night
I don’t know right from wrong
I don’t know the whys
Or the regrets

I don’t know who I am
I don’t know my face
I don’t know my name
Or do I want to know them

I don’t know god
I don’t know the devil
I don’t know good from bad
Or do I care for any of those things

I don’t know the legions of the day
I don’t know the shadows of the night
I don’t know this realm
Or do I wish to rule 

I don’t know the reason to be here
I don’t see the reason to leave
I don’t see the logic
Or the injustice

I don’t know


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Forget It All ©©

If I walked to the top of the world
Will I know the answers to all the questions
Will the answers be the ones I thought they would be
Or something new

If I watch the night sky
Will I find the star that’s meant for me
Will it be big and bright
Or small and fading away

If I was all alone
Will the world be the same
Will it be perfect
Or just another empty soul

If I lay down and reached for the sky
Will I catch a falling star
Will it grant me a wish
Or burn my hand

If I never grew old
Will I still want to get old
Will I want to die
Or just live and live again

If I knew all the answers
Will I want to share them
Will it make us better
Or should they just be forgotten

If I didn’t need anything
Will it be enough
Will it be fulfilling
Or will I want more

If we play…
If we Love…
If we fight…
We will live forever



Thursday, May 26, 2016

Whatever Happened ©©

What day is it today
What happened to yesterday
What happened to you
Whatever happened to me

Where did it all got wrong
Was it from the start
The middle
Or the end

Who is that in the mirror
Is it the same person
Or someone new
Where did you go

Old pictures
Memories covered in dust
Hiding forgotten faces
The same face

Whatever happened to you
Filled with fire
Burning with desire
Drowning in a maddening thirst

Did someone steal you away
Replacing your image with this one
Why did you have to go away
Leaving us with this impersonator 

Has time stolen everything
Leaving us with scattered crumbs
Fleeting seconds to be chased
But never caught


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Freedom ©©

What does it mean
Who is it for
How do we get it
Who do we get it from

Is it real
Or an illusion
Can we see it
Feel it
Touch it

Is it part of living
Or the escape at the end
Is it bought and sold
Is it a right
Or a luxury we can’t afford

Another fucken word
A word with meaning
With little substance
The manacles that bind us to society
Our sin

Are we truly free
Can we ever be
Can we put everything down and walk away
Will they even let us leave
Who are they

What can it be for you and me
In a place hidden in the back of my mind
Safe from those who can’t see
Where freedom
Is for free


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Broken Etch A Sketch ©©

Miles and miles are the questions long
The answers but whispers in the shadows
Long are the nights as days drag on forever
Time is short yet eternal

There is no turning back as there is no way ahead
Today is always at the crossroads
Tripping over yesterday to get to tomorrow
And the secrets they hold

Thoughts crash into memories
Tearing at the fabric of time
Shattering dreams
Making room for something new

My finger pushes through the sands of time
Blood dripping from its tip
Marking memories for the wind to come
To scatter them miles and miles away

Is life an “etch a sketch”
Is it that simple
Can I just hold it up over my head and…
Shake it to start anew


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Holding Onto What's Left ©©

What do you hate?
What do you love?
Is it the same thing?
Is it different?

Do you love to hate?
Hate to love?
Does it make you happy?

Do you show your love?
Hide your hate
Or do you express you hate?
Suppress your love

Do you share with the world?
Maybe just a friend
Or do you keep it to yourself
A shadow that follows

Love and hate
Emotions not words
The only feelings that can be touched
But not controlled

The world is consumed
Driven by love
Blinded by hate
Swallowed by the abyss in our souls


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Idle Keys ©©

I saw the sun rise and stood up to catch it when it fell
The moon stole my heart when a smile ignited my desires
Moments lost in time bring me back to reality
I let go what I want for what is placed before me

Is this how it all works
Do we take what is given us
Do we fight for what we want or crumble in defeat
Forsaking what is lost within our hearts

Where you go I want to be
Where you have been I want see
I want to get lost in your every word
Feel every breath as I rest within your loving arms

Darkness consumes everything in sight
Creeping in to steal lost souls
Silent screams fill the night
To be lost in the deafening shadows

Dreams shatter
Worlds crumble
Pieces scatter
The end feels near

This is my life
My story from start to end
From the day I saw the light
To the day I crawled towards the darkness


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Chillin ©©

Day after day
Night after night
We struggle to stay awake
Struggle to be alive

We rush through life
Like water down a slippery slope
Passing up opportunities
Missing moments we will never have again

Life is not a revolving door
But more like an escalator
Carrying us to places we can’t reach fast enough
Then dumped at the end to find your own way forward, or back

We wander and wander
Watching, hearing, feeling
Touching everything with all our senses
Grasping at moments to remember

Take me to a moment in time
Where dreams are born
Where the stairs don’t disappear into the night
But wistfully carry you into eternity


Friday, February 19, 2016

My Town ©©

Up on the hill I look down at my town
Where three rivers meet into one
From the river I look across, then behind
Standing where two cultures meet as one

At the corner of time I listen to the love and hate
See the indifference between faith, culture and conscience
Hear words of hope
View acts of kindness

On a park bench a man is curled up under a blanket of snow
A brother and sister build a snowman not far from him
Tim Hortons and the Beer Store share the same lot across the street
Where to park?

A dog climbs a mountain of snow and goes for a shit
It rolls down only to stop by my feet
Is life that simple
Or am I about to step in it

Up on the hill I look up at the sky
Chicken Little comes to mind
All I can think of is “the sky is falling”
Is it an acorn or can that fucken dog really climb that high


Monday, September 14, 2015

Labels ©©

Who am I?
Who are you?
Am I a number?
Are you a letter?

My name is Peter
Could be Jack
Yours might be Betty
Or Jill

Are we the labels others placed on us?
Or are we the shadows that lurk inside?
The souls that guide our actions
Defining who we really are.

Once we were all a thought
Then a reality
Branded before being sent off into the crowd
People with given labels

I’m a stray
A reject to be punished for every indiscretion
A rebel to be hunted down and silenced
Kept away from the herd

We ask who are you
To know you
But it’s what you want
Who you really are


Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Slap Happy ©©

Day after day I hide to stay sane
Night after night I struggle not to run
One is hell
The other surrender

I fight my battles
Losing every one
Yet I get right back up
Only to be knocked back down

I wonder what is going on
But I don’t know that I care to know
I see only the fog between day and night
A curtain shading what’s real

Who am I
Who have I become
Who is that in my reflection
Who are you

Hands on my face
I feel the lines of time
Stubble scrapping callused hands
Hands that touched your tender flesh

Day always fads into night
Transforming the world into another
Is it
Which is real


Tuesday, May 05, 2015

In The Moonlight ©©

In the moonlight I find the answers
Answers I don’t understand
To questions that only exist in the stars
Where all dreams reside

In the moonlight I see the shadows
I watch them darting back and forth 
Some from the past while others look familiar, yet not
Not from a time gone by

In the moonlight I see what can’t be reached
The impossible to grasp and hold onto
The falling star to catch
Then to set free without a wish

In the moonlight I see inside my mind
It’s like being in a dream
Filled with everything I have seen
Things I have been holding onto                 

In the moonlight I see love
A love so pure my eyes can’t look away
Love that is so consuming
It swallows up your heart

In the moonlight I am no longer blind
I see the shadows and they are I
Images of what was and what will be
Stumbling in the darkness of time


Friday, March 13, 2015

Dancing Shadows ©©

Looking down the road
I see the lights in the distance
Is it going to look like it does in my dreams

When I get there and the night comes
Is the music going to rock n roll
Or will it be slow and steady

We will find each other between each song
Moving among the shadows
Swaying back and forth lost in our minds

Will we swing to the rhythm of the time
Or crash and burn on sour notes
Bringing the whole world down all around

When the clocks strikes twelve
The song fades away
As do the dancing shadows

Looking down the road
I see the lights in the distance
Is it a dream


Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Salt On The Earth ©©

I stare down at salt stained shoes
I’m tired
The world around is crumbling
Falling apart into pieces and dust

Blood drips from lacerated palms
Slashed apart by the falling souls
Souls you never catch
The ones that slip through your fingers every time

Looking up
There is no more left to soar to the stars with
The gas tank is almost done
Just enough to move ahead down the road

The crimson trail marks the passage of time
The cost of this lease on life we choose to pay for
No one stays behind
They just fade away

Can anybody see through the dark clouds
Through the smoke, dust and the fog
Through time


Monday, February 16, 2015

The Thunder Speakes ©©

Thunder rolls across angry skies
Reaching down to scorch the earth
To touch the damned
Before the gates of hell open

Crops burn in the fields
Corpses rot where they lay
Scattered among the smouldering carnage
Of what once was, is

They rode in on steeds never before seen
War ‘s dog ate with a ravenous appetite
Famine’s beast drank the pure water pissing out acid
Death rode a lawnmower

Conquest didn’t have a ride
After War, Famine and Death
There was nothing left
Just what we inherit

An apocalypse brews in the east
While the west sleeps
The thunder screams the names of forgotten souls
A warning from the grave…from the past


Monday, February 09, 2015

Now What? ©©

Today tomorrow and yesterday will for always be intertwined
Their tentacles knotted together through the annals of memory
Like hungry lovers always holding, reaching out, letting go, trying to escape…
… time            

Today is an orgy of time gone by and time lost in a desire for the future
The pain of yesterday embracing the hope of what’s to come
A burning fire soothed with what might be in…

Tomorrow doesn’t exist but in dreams
Dreams not touch by another’s thoughts
Treasures that will live forever because they live outside of…

Yesterday is the villain with its lifetime of memories
Constantly flashing between the blinks of your eyes
Reliving the bits and pieces scattered through…

Now is what matters


Monday, January 19, 2015

Roads ©©

I walk down this road and every road alone
I walk in search for something I can’t have
Something I can reach but can never hold on to
Something that keeps escaping my every embrace

Down this road or from the one just travelled
Never have I strayed from my desires
Always faithful to a quest we are all born too
A love we can make our own

Through a highway of souls we collide into each other
Faces fly by as you look for the one searching for yours
Thoughts filter out the rest leaving just the two
Alone among a smouldering sea of souls still searching faces

I walk down this road to what isn’t meant to be
Searching for what I can’t have
Something I can’t keep but maybe for a little while
That’s something too