Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Rose By Any Other Name ©©

A scent in the air, drifts miles from the flower
Touching the senses, through a summer shower
Brilliant in sight, by day or moonlight
But sharp and painful, alone at night

Lips so red, rich in color
Pedals different, but like the other
Soft and sweet, nectar so sunny
Taste of life, just like honey

A flower so bright, full of life
A sharp thorn guards, like only a knife
The prick is swift, deep and bright
A crimson shadow, runs through the night

A rose so red, scented with love
Soft as feathers, upon a dove
Yet beauty glows brightly, alone in sight
The flower strikes back, full with spite

The rose blossoms, as love grows strong
Love withers, an ending to a song
The pedals fall, upon the earth one day
Dieing slowly, with nothing to say


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