Sunday, June 10, 2007

Under The Stars ©©

Under clear night skies
Guided by the stars high above
Searching for something
Something I don’t know

A burning desire beckoning me forward
Calling me closer to where I ‘m scared to go
My finger traces the path in the sky
Following that one bright star

Is this where it all begins
The first steps are the hardest to make
The last are the easiest
So who cares about the rest

Twinkling skies
Look down like blinking eyes
Washing tears away
As day comes and night dies

Dawn washes away the night sky
Hiding stars oh so high
The path now gone
As light fills the sky

Dawn takes away my dreams
Reality is born
One star remains in the day
Waking up the truth

Laying on my morning cloud
I feel its rays warming my soul.
Maybe one day, just maybe
It will fill that hole


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