Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spinning Out Of Control ©©

Why do we care?
Why bother with the intricacies of life when all we need to do is just live one day at a time?
Does it matter if you are ten minutes early or ten minutes late?
What’s wrong with I will be there when I get there?

Must the universe always be on time or can it sometimes be late?
I don’t want the world to slow down for me or to stop and wait.
Life is like a merry go round
You should be able to hop on and go as fast as you feel, whether a little or a lot.

Time flashes by us so fast, how can we live one life let alone the many set before us.
We become fragments of a shattered mirror, lost, disjointed from the rest.
Time passes and we forget who we are, probably because we never became someone.
We are pieces of many reflections of possibilities and desires.

We are parents
We are sons and daughters
We are friends and countrymen
We are people of the same world

If tomorrow always comes;
Why can’t we wait for it by the shore watching the sun come up?
If tomorrow always passes
Why can’t we sit by the lake and watch the sun set on another day?

Life is a spinning wheel turning from East to West
Running faster from West to East won’t slow it down
You have to stop to smell the roses to understand their scent
You have to stop long enough to understand who you are.


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