Monday, February 18, 2008

A Place With No Name ©©

There is a place in the world where people go
It’s a place where everything is clean
Everything is white whereever you go
Windows cover the walls letting light in for everything to be seen

There is a place where no one is to blame
Everyone walks around naked and free
A place with no shame
A place where you could do anything and be who you want to be

There is a place where everyone is the same
Look and dress alike
Eat, sleep and even play the same game
A place with no envy, not even a child with a bike

There is a place where everyone goes to be lost
To swim in a crowd with no name faces
A place where love has turned into frost
For many people, from many places

There is a place where white is not a color
A place where rainbows are born
Dreams become reality as love gains power
Exploding into rays of sunshine like a kernel of popping corn

There is a place where people go to be alone
With their dreams, hopes, needs all under this one dome
A place filled with people where you don’t feel alone
A place you can always call home


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