Wednesday, May 21, 2008

As Winds Blow ©©

Out in the open I sit
Feeling the wind on my face
Out of the north she blows in
Brushing my hair aside

Her fingers are cold
As they slip past my guard
Touching the warmth I keep deep
Deep inside.

I hear a whisper from behind
Coming from the south is a fair wind
Her hot touch pushes back the chill
Melting what was once frozen

Naked in the meadow they both dance
Thunder crashing all around
A warm front settles in the air
As tears of victory and defeat pour out of the sky

Out in the open I sit
The sun is high and the air is silent
The tears have dried
Inside the earth

The salt of the earth
Are the dry tears of all the souls
Past, present
And forever

The winds of time may dance all around
They may spread the ashes and dust all over
But the salt of the earth
Will always remain


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