Friday, May 30, 2008

Blind Mice ©©

They say life is simple if you walk this way
They say there is no trouble if you do what they say
What if I find simple doesn't make me smile
What if trouble is what makes life worthwhile

They say that you must do what you’re told
They say that this, this is the way not the old
What if I don’t want to do what others want me to do
What if I don’t want to live like others in this zoo

They say that this is good
They say that is bad
What if I want to decided what is good
What if I don’t believe that, that is bad

They say that you need not ask any questions
They say that they know, all the answers
What if I’m, lost and need to find my directions
What if I need to know an answer for a question they won’t answer

They say that I need not worry about tomorrow
They say all that matters, is today
What if I am afraid of tomorrow
What if I want to stay in yesterday

They say a lot of things
They believe they know even more because they are kings
What if I need to know more
What if I want to see once more

Life is becoming a whore you pay with you soul for a little pleasure


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