Monday, May 05, 2008

Madness ©©

Down I fall into a void with no end
Lost to a world without love
When I took the turn at the end of the road
I fell off the edge of the world

Deep in this never ending chasm I fall
Out of the reach of probing eyes from above
Far from the voices that call out my name
Far from reaching hands

Deep I fall into a silence that grows louder all around me
No more lies to be heard
Gone are the lying eyes and twisted lips
Now I fall into a dream like a dieing bird falling from the sky

Into the dark I fall forever
Tumbling out of control into my deep dark pit
As I see the earth streak past me
My fingers dig into its walls but I still fall farther down below

With my arms open looking to be taken
Hurling to the center of Hell’s bosom
I feel the warmth rushing up to caress me
Before I burn up forever


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