Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Spring Time ©©

Can you feel the way the wind touches your face?
Do you smell the scent of spring in the air?
The snow is gone and tulips push out from their long sleep
The birds sing and the trees spread their limbs to feel the sun

People fill the streets, summoned by the sun
Kids run out to play
The elderly feel their youth rushing back once more
Life gets bright as it reaches up to kiss the sky

Squirrels dart back and forth
Robins poke the ground
Winter coats are shed by all
To live free is to be free

Arms spread wide walking through the park
Staring up at the sky as birds fly by
Breathing in the freedom that only Spring can bring
One more time I believe I can run through fields of tall grass

Spring is in the air
Pull the string and let out your hair flow free
Feel the wind
Run one more time all the way up to the sky


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