Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rounded Corners ©©

Around and around the world turns
Where will it stop, does any one know or care?

The universe is a big bowl and everything in that bowl, from the smallest ion to what ever the imagination could conjure up, is round.
Is that why we all try to be square pegs?

Imperfection, can it get any more perfect?

A moment is a lifetime, so why waste it.

Love is a feeling; happiness is living it.

Hate is love

Peace is death

Dieing is living

Yesterday is today

Tomorrow never happens

Now is forever


What really matters is, where’s the remote.

In a round world, all we seek are things square.
From the remote to cars, houses, the clothes you wear are more square that round.
Even our bodies are square, that’s we fall out of round beds.

Books, televisions, purses, backpacks, picture frames………..

A circle is perfection; a square is secure

A square is a prison; a circle is free flowing

We use square blocks to build societies on a round planet.

Societies are walls built not to keep people out

We’re all a bunch of square pegs.

Imagine if building blocks were round.
We might be able to get some fresh air once in a while and breathe a little easier.


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