Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shades Of Grey ©©

Down back alleys
In dim lit rooms
Deep in the shadows
Unseen and unheard

Away from the hustle and bustle
Far from responsibility
Alone somewhere, nowhere
Just anywhere

Through puddles
Along concrete sidewalks
Wind pushing me forward
Soaked with rain

The black leather is slick
Glistening under the street lamps
A moving shadow through the night
Almost hidden from sight

Rain cascades from the brim
Filling the footsteps left behind
Reflections of my passing
Proof that shadows exist

A glowing red ember betrays me
Showing the world where I am
Along dark corners
Out of reach and imprisoned in shadows

Only the smoke of my cigarette
Escapes into the night
The rest are bound to stay behind
To be washed away into the cracks


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