Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Shadow ©©

There’s nothing I can do
To keep the sky from crying
I can be the umbrella
That keeps you dry

There are things I can do
To make the world look better
I can lie and make it look right
So you could feel safe

There are times I wonder
What needs to done
To make things right
So that you could be happy

There is nothing I can do alone
To make the sun come back
Grey is how you feel
I can’t color the sky, only your heart

There are places I could go
But I stay by your side
So we could be one
To bring back the sun from the night

There is no place you can go
You are a prisoner of fate
A victim of circumstance
As the walls close in and the door closes from behind

There is no other time but now
No other place but here
Only you and me
Yet, there is only one

There is nothing I can do
As the sky comes down crying all around us
There is nothing I can do
But stand by your side


1 comment:

Scarlet said...

That's all I ask ...
Stand with me.