Sunday, December 21, 2008

What It Is ©©

Rainy nights or sunny days
Does it really matter if you’re happy?
In love or free as a bird
Does it matter if you’re sad?

If your mind was filled with worries
Does it matter if you’re filthy rich?
When you loose a child
Does it matter if you’re dirt poor?

If the world was at war
Should you be angry?
When peace comes
Will I be scared?

When you feel like you own the world
Do you have to fix it?
If the music fades away
Does the song end?

If I hold something new
Will it become old too?
When the river goes dry
Will I drown?

When the grass goes green
Was it dead?
When it rains
Is it pouring down on me or am I reaching up to it?

If I was to go blind
Would I see more?
Life is what it is
How should we live it?


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