Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Is Freedom? ©©

Some say that we are free
Many believe that they are what they want to be
Others just live what they only know
What is freedom?

Some hold their pain inside
Many pretend they have none
Others only see what they want to
What is freedom?

Some think they can do what they want
Many do
Others fear failure
What is freedom?

Some want you to be free
Many crave it
Others don’t know what it is
What is freedom?

Some want peace of mind
Many need it to be alive
Others are to scared to try
What is freedom?

Some have dreams
Many reach for them
Others live that dream
What is freedom?

Some think to be free is the right to choose
Many believe it’s the privilege to speak
Others to be able to leave their life
What is freedom?

Freedom is not a right
Not even a privilege
Or a place to go too
Freedom, freedom is to be free of fear



itisi said...

So what you are saying is if we face our fears head on and conquor them, we will be free, yes?

Walker said...


Romany Angel said...

I will only know what freedom is when I have the courage to find it. I'm not there yet but I will be.