Friday, February 27, 2009

Carpets ©©

They say that life is what it is
They say that it unrolls before you like a red carpet
To walk on as you please and to your dreams
But does it?

Does the carpet of life go where you dream about?
Or does it hide the path you truly seek
Is this a lie unrolled for us to follow?
Is the true path the green carpet underneath

Bare foot, you feel the soft cushion beneath
Shoes hide the sharp fibers of the life unrolled before us
Separating you from the welcome of what is true
With a false reality and an easy path to chase

Why should we follow the straight path laid before us?
When we could meander with life as the wind blows
Down uncharted waters and left guessing
Across lush green valleys filled with the living

To feel the individual blades part your toes
The cool of the mud sooth the burns left by the red carpet
To see real death and feel real living
Instead of a picture on a wall

To make a free decision
Without any distractions
Or lies and promises
Just you and what only you know

They say life is what it is
They say this is the way you have to go
They say they know what you want
They say there is this red carpet, just for you to follow

All the roads are closed
Just the red carpets
Thousands that lead to the same place
And just this one dieing green one going somewhere

One’s easy
One’s hard
One is your choice
One is not


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Brosreview said...

This is quite a thought-provoking piece Walker. Loved it!!! I like the way you have written this one in a sort of Q&A format. Keep up the great work!!!