Sunday, February 22, 2009

Surfing Big Blue ©©

Coasting away down the road
Though the air as a free bird
Getting higher and higher
Like an airplane shooting for the clouds

Through freezing blizzards, pouring rain
Over a blistering deserts or across the plains
Crossing the mountains, it doesn’t matter
The higher you get the lighter you are

This is the way to go
Rising above it all
Higher and higher
That’s where you got to go to sail away into the sky

Up in the sky is where the spirits live
In the heavens where you could soar with hope
Where it’s crowded with the dreams of others
Up, up high up in the sky dancing together

It’s up here you could rise above the gravity down below
Up here is where to go to be light as a feather
To rise above all the shit down below
Up here is where you go to be free with the spirit in the sky

Close your eyes and soar
Make waves in the sky
Surf the clouds
Go as high as you want to go


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Brosreview said...

As always, this is quite good!!! Umm, while free, please have a read of my last post - "The Bane". Thank you.