Sunday, March 01, 2009

28 Days Past ©©

It’s March first and I have something to say
I just finished writing, one a day
I had fun
A lot to say
Things to think about
Answers to know and places to go
Friends from the past to hear from again

I needed to find something lost
Something forgotten and hidden away
Feelings to understand, some to forget
Thoughts to decipher
Ask unanswered questions
People to remember
Others to forget

I needed to scratch the surface
To dig below to find treasures to remember
Places I had been
The times I loved
The ones I hated
Some I don’t remember
Others I can’t forget

I walked down paths gone by
Looked through windows of dreams
Walked through doors of hope
Fell into holes
Climbed out of pits
Sometimes alone
Other times ahead of an army

Twenty-eight days living in the past
Deep into my thoughts
Searching for something, finding nothing
Something that wasn’t there but always was
So now all I know is
That if you think I’m going to do one a day in March
You must be gone out for lunch



Brosreview said...

Haha... Right from the beginning I suspected this to be slightly humorous. But, seriously, are you going to maintain the frequency? Or, slow it down but still release songs. Please do so. I like the songs/poems you release here. They are all very good!!!

Walker said...

Well, I won't stop but this is the most i have ever posted at once on this blog.
In fact the cue is full to post.
I put them one weeks ago and scheduel them to post automatically at midnight every day.

This isn't my main blog but I do like posting here adn i enjoy your feedback and your posts when I get there.