Wednesday, March 04, 2009

SnApshOts ©©

DAY Or nIght
ThrOUgh thE dArknEss Or sUnlIght
In thE rAIn Or thE blAzIng sUn
WAlkIng thrOUgh lIfE Or dAncIng In OnE spOt

AlOnE In thE wOOds
LOst In A crOwd
ThrOUgh thE lOUd nOIsE Of sIlEncE
SOAkIng Up nAtUrE Or jUst ExIstIng

DOwn strAIght rOAds, wIndIng pAths
ThrOUgh fOg Or dUst stOrm
AcrOss OcEAns And OpEn skIEs
SnAppIng shOts tO frAmE In mY thOUghts

EvErY dAy Is sOmEthIng nEw
EvErY nIght It bEcOmEs Old
EvErY mOrnIng lIfE Is dIffErEnt
YEt thE sAmE Until thE nExt dAy

SUnnY dAys Or rAInY nIghts
FrOm cOld wIntErs tO blIstErIng sUmmErs
LIkE thE wEAthEr thE tIdEs Of tImE mOvE On
WhIlE I tAkE snApshOts of yOUr lIfE And mInE



Brosreview said...

This is good!!! Taking snapshots of life to frame it away as a memory is a nice thought Walker. Good post!!!

PS: Ahem, the use of capitalised letters in a frankly haphazard manner; is it the reaction to me pointing out a mistake in the last post. I am sorry if you are offended Walker. I really am.

My other presumption is you conveying the uncertainty in life with the free use of capital letters.

Walker said...

Brosreview: Actually yes and no.
Don't appologise I did miss it but I thought, its not really that important and with this post, Snapshots, the pictures we look at after they are taken not perfect either.
We can't fix the goofups, we just have to live with them.
The zipper thats down or a bra strap showing, a wrong choice...
I should thank you instead.