Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In the Morning ©©

In the morning
When you wake up
What do you see?
What did you want to see?
Or who

In the morning
When your eyes open
What are you thinking?
What do you want?
Or do you have everything you desire

In the morning
When the sun rises
Are your curtains drawn?
Does you world fill with sunshine
Or is it dark and lonely

In the morning
When life starts once more
Are you ready?
To stand up
Or do you just lay back and die again

In the morning
Every morning
When your mind wakes up
Are you still sleeping inside?
Or are you alive

In the morning
When you wake up
Laying on your back
Are you laying where you lay down the night before?
Or are you someplace you don't know

In the morning
Every fucken morning
When you wake up
Do you grab life and hold on to it?
Or do you close our eyes and let it go by

In the evening
When I lay down
I am where I have to be
Until morning
Or when I wake up

In the morning
If you wake up
What do you want to do?
What do you want to see?
Or whom?



Shadow said...

i love this. though i have to admit, sometime i draw the curtains...

Dotm said...

I do not have much time for thinking when I first wake up as my dog is usually already pacing the hall back and forth outside my closed bedroom door waiting for me to get up, feed her and let her outside. Some mornings I would love to just lay there till I am more awake, but Sassy is too demanding and I end up giving in every time.The older she gets, the faster she wants me to get up.

Heff said...

Do you REALLY have to ask me "When I wake up, what do I see?", LOL !!