Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I am Alone ©©

I’m alone
I’m alone in my thoughts
As I am in my world
A world polluted with people
More thoughts to ponder
More decisions to make

I stand among the crowd
Unseen, anonymous
A speck of sand in a desert of souls
In a world lost in the storm of destruction
Blinding storm of mirages
Aimlessly looking for an oasis among gray dunes

We are no one
I am no one
A nameless shadow among a sea of shadows
Until the world turns upside down
Then I am the one
We are important

We are all alone
With only our thoughts for company
The weight of the world on our shoulders
Staring out at all the other faces
Wondering, is it like this for everyone?
Or is it just me

If you could read my thoughts
And I could read yours
Would we be happy?
Or sad
Could we understand, comprehend
See what we all already see and know

If I am alone
Lost in my thoughts
And they are your thoughts
Your pains and my love
Am I alone?
Or is it just me

Are we alone
Or are our eyes just closed
Do we live life
Or just dream about it
We are specks of sand in a desert of souls
Thirsty for an oasis

I am alone
Alone in my thoughts, with you



Brosreview said...

Brilliant! I am currently living like this.

Anonymous said...

"If I am alone
Lost in my thoughts
And they are your thoughts
Your pains and my love
Am I alone?
Or is it just me"

Once again, wonderful.
You give new meaning to being alone in a crowded room.

Shadow said...

i like this. as for reading others thoughts? i don't think i want to....

nc said...

hi walker, thanks for the comment on my blog,, i really appreciate it.

will be following u and read ur thoughts..its just wonderful that gifted people like u can transform intangible feelings into a beautiful poem :)

Eaton Bennett said...

Hi, Thank you for visiting my contribution to the Window View meme.

Your poem is sad, but there is truth all the way through and the last stanza is so very true. Looks like your poetry will draw me back for more.

Woman in a Window said...

I only wonder this on the edge of it. Skirt it. I was there once before. OK, more than once. I don't care to go back.