Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Mist ©©

Far away
Away and afar
Afar into the mists of time
To get lost in the fractured light
Or somewhere there in between

In a haze of reality
Or a nightmare
Where you can’t wake up or fall asleep
What’s real?
What’s not?
How long have I been there?

These walls all around
Walls that are closing in, yet
Still far away
To far to be
To close to breathe
Are they so tall or are they that far

Tumbling away
Into a fog of confusion
To storms of emotion
Burning desires
How long can we, must we stay here?

Lost beneath changing skies
Changing climates
Alone by the end of the night
Reaching out
From the top of the world

Staring out at nothing
Reaching out for something
With lost fingers and blind feelings
For something to touch
Something to hold onto

Lost in the mists of time
Far from here
Far from there
Far from everywhere
Lost from everyone
Or is everyone one lost from me?

How far is away?
Will I have to walk forever?
Should I rush or stand still?
I could run but I can’t go back
Back to the start
Back to the night before the light

Into the mist
Past the fractured light
To tomorrow and maybe more
To a dream, a nightmare, real or not
It’s all I have to hold on too
Until tomorrow



Shadow said...

caught in twilight...

Brosreview said...

"How far is away?" - Appears so simple, but it has its depth within. Great lines in this piece!

Woman in a Window said...

Three in a row I've read backwards and I'm thinking this is fresh. Sometimes fresh is not so good.

Be good, Walker. Tomorrow.