Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Traces In The Sand ©©

Where have all the roads gone?
I’m left alone here at this dead end
Looking at nothing familiar
Nothing I know or feel

Gone are the crossroads
The hidden paths to mystic gardens
Snow capped mountains and rolling hills
Only deserts remain

What has gone wrong?
Where have all the flowers and birds gone?
The noise, traffic, the insanity
Only the silence remains

The roads have all evaporated
The lines fallen off the map
The sand pouring through a broken hourglass is left
Time burying the world slowly

Is there nothing I can do?
Someplace left to go
A future to find
Or must I dig to find what was buried by time

Where have all the roads gone?
Are there any left?
The crossroads, the people
Where has time hidden the future?



Rebekah Cadman said...

Great stuff. I love the imagery of 'the roads have all evaporated, the lines fallen off the map'. You paint such a vivd picture.

Sometimes I feel like I get so caught up that when I stop and look everything I thought I knew and everything familiar has disappeared. Reading your poem reminded me of that.

Brosreview said...

Agree with Rebekah, this is very well done Walker!

And, yes, I too can relate to this where I have turned around to see things that were known now seem unknown.

Shadow said...

is it that we walk through life with 'closed' eyes, and when we pause, that what should be there isn't, and hasn't been, for quite some time. taken for grated, accepted as such, 'til now suddenly we want it?

Woman in a Window said...

This one, "must I dig to find what was buried by time" and then "where has time hidden the future?" Such formidable ideas. I like them.

Keep digging.