Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Desire ©©

Are you out there?
Or am I alone?
Long days and short nights
All I have is empty moments to fill

Where are we going?
Is there a path or are we getting lost?
Is there a place to hide or is that locked up deep inside?
Where, where, where are we going to lay down?

Are you here with me?
Am I there with you?
Oh, Oh, Oh
Where are we, where is paradise?

I chase a sunset into tomorrow
Until I don’t know if I have come or gone
Hunting, searching, looking
For love or a place by you

I don’t know any more
I don’t care
I don’t want to care
I just want to live for what I want

Drifting through the channels of life
Drowning under my desires
Suffocating with what I don’t want
Yet I allow life to throttle me

All I know is I’m lost
When you don’t come around
When you’re not here
When I’m all alone

Are you out there?
Are you looking for me?
Long days and lonely nights
But, desire still lives on

I just got to hold on
Until the sky opens up and the sun
The sun shines down on me and you
For once and…..Forever



Brosreview said...

I am tempted to write that this is a different kind of write coming from you.

Good job!

Woman in a Window said...

We are universally reduced to this, aren't we? It's not such a bad place.

I like this one Walker, although I always perfer for the yearning to be sated.

Shadow said...

a powerful emotions. this longing...

Kay said...


PBS said...

That's very beautiful and profound!