Monday, October 12, 2009

Dyslexic Upheaval ©©

Do what you do
Want what you want
Take a breath of my life
Let me suckle on yours

Walk in a pair of my shoes
While I smell your clothes
See what I see
Give me what you dream

Cold, cold, cold
To your warmth
Twinkling skies
The sparkle of your eyes

Thunder to my silence
Fear to my curiosity
Nothing to everything
Something for nothing

What do you do
When the world is but a zoo
And the skies are no longer blue
But gray, from day to day

All is in reverse
Like the words in the next verse
Words that are sharp
Piercing minds and hearts

Life to live
Liberty to be who you want to be
Freedom to say it aloud
Freedom, liberty and life

What I see and feel
Heard before I was born
Felt when I first opened my eyes
Lost when I was given a name

It’s a very special world
Where we go to dream
In the darkness before sunset and sunrise
Where there’s only fire with the salt of the earth



Shadow said...

i like this!

Brosreview said...

Your lines always hit hard mate! Keep it up!!!