Saturday, September 11, 2010

September Skies ©©

Take my hand
Walk with me
Down this road
Leaving everything behind

Past our troubles
Other’s responsibilities
Just take what’s ours
Then go find what’s over there

How long must we endure
What we don’t want
How long must we follow
The deaf drummer

Following our hearts desires
What we need to feel free
Down that road from purgatory
To a street we can call home

The time has come
For us to shout
Shout out loud
We’ve had enough

We all need
What we need
We need to taste a sweet peace
From each others lips

So take my hand
Lets join others hand in hand
Let our tears and blood pool together
Into a raging river for a better world

A world for children
Free to laugh and play
A world without fear or tears
A world without religion



Opaque said...

Hmm... there was a time when I shared the same emotions... I still do...

Kay said...

spoken through a dreamer... mmm hmmm

Heff said...

Ok, I sang THIS one to The Honeydrippers "Sea Of Love".