Saturday, December 04, 2010

Night light ©©

Walking across barren skies
Lost among the fading stars
Following a moon along an invisible path
Chasing unfulfilled dreams

Skipping from galaxy to galaxy
Searching for a falling star to wish on
Some stardust to grab
Something to believe

Floating among my dreams and yours
Swallowing oceans of desire
Drowning with our suffering
Our discontent, our innocence

Reaching out to touch realities
Realities that only exist in our minds
Realities we know are right
Realities we can’t have

We chase a dieing sunset
Looking to find a moon to follow
Craving a reality we desire
The dream we need to live for

A million souls streak across barren skies every night
Each chasing the sunset into a tomorrow
Reaching for what they desire
Reaching for the moon before someone blows it out



Kathryn Magendie said...

Hello to you good friend!

itisi said...

At first, I thought you wrote this after trippin the galaxy, but then, I realized this came from your brilliant imagination! The third and fourth verses are my favorites!