Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inhaling Fumes ©©

What day is it?
Does it matter?
What’s tomorrow or the day after?
Is it relevant?

Day or night
It’s all the same
Gone are the days of anticipation
Nights of adventure

It’s over
I surrender
I’ve been beaten down
By the uncertainty all around

We have fought to escape the mundane
Crawled out from the backseat of life
Reached for the steering wheel to tomorrow
Only to have the vehicle speed up

Falling back
Farther back than before
Back to the trunk
Where we had never been before

Trapped without the key
Kicking and screaming for someone to hear
Someone to open the door
To let the sun shine back in once more

I wrote my own script
But they edited it
I dreamt a future
They turned it into fiction

Locked in the trunk
In the caboose of life
A prisoner of our success
Puppets to the masters

Asleep in the darkness I wait
I wait for the end or the opportunity
To grab the wheel and drive
Drive down my own road to tomorrow


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