Monday, February 07, 2011

Equalibrium ©©

Roads to nowhere
Light with no source
Answers without questions
Doors with no handles

Tomorrows with no yesterdays
Life without a breath
A destiny with no destination
Existing to exist

A mountain with no sky
Clouds without tears
Thunder with no sound
Stars that don’t twinkle

Words with no meaning
Feelings with touching
Seeing without sight
Hearing with a touch

Drowning without water
Swimming across deserts
Climbing down
Falling up

What is one without the other
Glory without defeat
Hate without love
Me without you

What’s there or what’s not
What we have or what we don’t
One is the other
The other balances fate and fact



Shadow said...


Gary Moore said...

Nice flow! Keep it going..

Ted Hudson said...

You right brilliantly, honestly I am enjoying reading your piece..