Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dark Skies ©©

The sky is dark and empty
Clouds hide the stars from the Earth’s view
Covering the moon in a gentle blanket
Protecting it from the fires below

The world’s crashing
Falling within itself
As man hollows out its soul to burn
Leaving a void in its place to go cold

We suck the yolk from the robin’s egg
Leaving but a crumbling shell behind
A hollow future
A hollow existence

The clouds rise from long fingers
Protruding from the manmade volcanoes
Spewing its ash up to the sky
Burning the air all around

Dark tears crash from above
The sky falls
Cremating everything below
Absorbing the soul stolen through the layers of time

Time will judge tomorrow
How we used it will be evident
How we wasted it will be the verdict
Dark skies will be our sentence


1 comment:

Shadow said...

self-destruction. that is how it is.