Saturday, March 03, 2012

Hands On My Face ©©

Where are you?
I’m lost
It’s been long
A long long time since yesterday

A song whispers in a breeze
A wisp from tender lips
Something that I’ve been humming
Breathing unconsciously in dreams

Lyrics without words
Words void of sound
A sound louder than thunder
Yet gentle as a warm breath on a chilled night

I hear the hollow cries in the night
From the hollow spaces in time
Between the seconds that pass
The days that feel like centuries

The verses always change
Every unspoken word louder than the last
Full of emotion, life
Yet silent without windows to shout from

Through the windows of my soul can I hear tomorrow
Find meaning among scrambled words
A voice to be heard
Someplace to run too

A place to be found
Among the shadows
Where are you?
I’m lost………


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Anonymous said...

Wow...I love this one