Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In The Air ©©

There is something in the air calling my name
Summoning me to go this way
Pulling me in your direction with the sound of your voice
The scent of your skin

The memory of your touch
Still warms my cheek
As does the thought of your arms around my neck
Your legs around my waist

The look in your eyes light up my days
When the shadows come to swallow me up
Leaving me numb
Your words hold me at night

Laying by myself
I close my eyes and I’m not alone
Not anymore
Because I have you

Time ticks on
Each second that passes into minutes
The hours, the days before I don’t have
To close my eyes to see what I can touch and taste

It’s your breath I feel in the air
Whispering my name
Telling me who you love
Day or night


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