Friday, August 30, 2013

Once Upon A Trap In Time ©©

Once upon a time I was small
I believed in fairy tales
The tooth fairy and Santa Clause
Even god
But then I grew up and found out
The tooth fairy was my gay dentist
Fairy tales were lies
And god was dog spelled backwards

Once upon a time I was blind
I flowed with in river of souls
Went where they went
Believed what they believed
But then I woke up and saw
The river being swallowed up by every sewer
On every corner
Under every star

Once upon a time I heard words I trusted
Words with meaning that spoke to my needs
Embracing my desires
Giving meaning for what was
But then I learned to read
I read the words that were left out
Words never meant to be heard
Or spoken

Once upon a time I didn’t have the time
The world went by to fast to stop and think
To understand what was happening
Or why was life like this
But then time stood still
A million questions with millions of answers
Knocked me out of the cloud
Reality spoke for the first time

Once upon a time before there was anything
There was no people
No dreams to shoot for
No God
But then we came to be and dreams were born
Fairies lived in flowers
Santa and the Tooth Fairy share a glass of milk
God is what we make of him 

Once upon a time we dreamed 
Of what we wanted
Not needed
Until we became lost with what we asked for
But then we were found by those who were looking
Searching for you in particular
Wanting your blessing but not really needing it
It just looks better when you think you gave it


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