Thursday, December 19, 2013

Black Tie ©©

With the bottom of my fist I wiped the fog from the glass
A bitter cold day
I saw a tear bounce off the pavement where it was swallowed up by the fresh snow
In the car mirror I could see the tired eyes as I straightened the black tie
Cold fingers reached in as I opened the door burning my exposed face then pulled me out

Walking up the slippery slope, seven more fell in behind in a single file
In silent cadence marching through a somber crowd
Thirty twenty ten no feet to our destination where we parted into two flanking lines
One more joined us as we acdcepted his final burden
This one seened heavier the the one last week

Faces froze in time as the small precesion made its way through the throngs of stones growing out of the ground
I felt the metal brace on the left leg snap leaving the knee it protects to fend for itself
My aunt reached up to hold me erect when my hand fell against her granite pillow
Turning we reached our final destination where we left our host
Without a word we all took a step back to disappear among the others

I saw most of these people just a week ago
At the same place
For the same reason
I need a new brace
I hate black ties


1 comment:

itisi said...

My most heartfelt sympathy goes out to you Walker.
I feel some of your pain as I lost a friend just last week.

And please get yourself a new brace ASAP!