Friday, December 19, 2014

Finding The Way ©©

Going down this road
Going to see if I can find you like I do in my dreams
Staring to the east as I walk west
Before I can lay down with you to rest

I’m going to look in the morning
Through the afternoon and into the evening
When the moon climbs up the night sky
The stars will lead the way

Some day the fork in the road will go your way
Down that path to your door
Where I will knock on your heart
Then I’m going to make you mine

Somehow I will find the way
Where to turn
When to stop
What to say

I will know your mind
As you will know mine
Words will melt away
When your eyes say what they say

Some day, some where
Time will be mine as it will be yours
Some how when the sun falls away
My dreams will bring you my way



Shadow said...

'king A, love it!

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