Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Forget It All ©©

If I walked to the top of the world
Will I know the answers to all the questions
Will the answers be the ones I thought they would be
Or something new

If I watch the night sky
Will I find the star that’s meant for me
Will it be big and bright
Or small and fading away

If I was all alone
Will the world be the same
Will it be perfect
Or just another empty soul

If I lay down and reached for the sky
Will I catch a falling star
Will it grant me a wish
Or burn my hand

If I never grew old
Will I still want to get old
Will I want to die
Or just live and live again

If I knew all the answers
Will I want to share them
Will it make us better
Or should they just be forgotten

If I didn’t need anything
Will it be enough
Will it be fulfilling
Or will I want more

If we play…
If we Love…
If we fight…
We will live forever




Devilish Angel said...

Life is a mystery...

itisi said...

"Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket..... for love may come and tap you on your shoulder some starless night..."