Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Freedom ©©

What does it mean
Who is it for
How do we get it
Who do we get it from

Is it real
Or an illusion
Can we see it
Feel it
Touch it

Is it part of living
Or the escape at the end
Is it bought and sold
Is it a right
Or a luxury we can’t afford

Another fucken word
A word with meaning
With little substance
The manacles that bind us to society
Our sin

Are we truly free
Can we ever be
Can we put everything down and walk away
Will they even let us leave
Who are they

What can it be for you and me
In a place hidden in the back of my mind
Safe from those who can’t see
Where freedom
Is for free



Devilish Angel said...

Freedom is an illusion...We dont have it fully...

Shadow said...

We can never be free of this world, but I yet have to come across some(one)(thing) which will shackle my mind

itisi said...

You are only as free as the darkest secret of your soul.

Naimish Patel said...

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