Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lost In My Mind ©©

I sit here lost in time
Void of any thoughts
Disconnected with any memories
Any sense of who am I

I have become blind
Sands of time bleed from empty sockets
Eroding the past
Leaving only crevices behind

I have become deaf
To my needs and yours
To the cries I don’t see
To the pain I don’t feel

I have lost the ability to speak
There is no one to hear
There is no one out there but the shadows
There is no one that cares

Lost in ones mind
Is it a curse or a blessing
Will I find what I am looking for
Or just fade away and never come back

Sitting here
Lost in time



Devilish Angel said...

"Void of any thoughts" is the biggest achievement in meditation. Mind will become very clear when you can sit for some time without thoughts...

itisi said...

All's I gotta say is you had better not just "fade away and never come back."

Naimish Patel said...

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