Sunday, October 15, 2006

Steps ©©

The sun falls among the lonely hills in the horizon taking the innocence, life had put in new eyes once, way back when time first began.
How cold life can be when in a world lost to itself.
Back to the hills wandering in the dark, grasping at the air looking for something to hold onto, an anchor to secure what once was erect and proud.
The Moon at your back, your shadow ahead mocking you with fear and doubt with every step or stumble you take.

The path ahead leads into a wilderness full of the unknown but welcome from whence we came.
With every step forward life brings a new breath, a surge of life to take another step forward.
The path ahead leads to a new horizon and the rebirth of new life on new innocent eyes as the dawn washes over a lush green forest.

Others walk to the lonely hills in the dark horizon, chasing a sunset and forsaking the enlightenment of freedom that they seek believing it’s in the past.
The steps forward we take in life are the steps to freedom, happiness and peace.


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