Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Walk ©©

I walk down the street brushing by the past.
The blood seeps up though the cracks chasing my steps

My tree, it’s gone, it was a maple.
The bench that was next to it, is now a sign

Her hair was raven eyes sparkled like emeralds lighting up the darkness.
Not like the dark coals there now.

The group laughed on the corner
Fading like shadows into the earth.

The ghosts brush past me, through my soul.
I feel the icy warmth.

Faces flash past in a blur like the fleeting memories they are.
The wind howls through the alleys, fingers searching a familiar crack in time.

These old eyes seeking a time long gone, faces, places.
Is that time forgotten or was I left behind?

Standing there naked in the street, wearing the scars I inflicted.
How much must someone bare witness to, why?

My time has now gone by with a price.
So now I walk numb, in a suit I wove.


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