Wednesday, December 06, 2006

SunSets Sunrise ©©

Someone asked me today what’s my absolute favorite thing to do?
My answer was, “tough question”.
After thinking a bit I said “watching the sunset”.

I’ve seen the sun set on the mountains like an ocean of burning fire stretching its fingers through lush forests yet leaving them unblemished.

I’ve seen the sun set on the ocean, gently being rocked to sleep.
When a tear drops in the ocean, will the waves be felt all over the world?

I’ve seen the sun set on the desert, bringing life to what seemed dead.
Sky and earth was one ball of flame dancing a slow waltz in harmony.

I’ve seen the sun set on fields of golden wheat, waving, beckoning you to come and run through them, free of any burden with the same innocence you once had as a child.

I’ve seen the sun set on the face of a beautiful woman with the burning fire reflecting in her eyes.
What does she see?

I will have to wait to see what the sunrise will bring ………


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