Monday, January 29, 2007

Silence In The Dark ©©

How far, must I travel to reach tomorrow?
How long, will the journey take?
Smiles fill my soul, with what you will never know.
Time will never come to this moment, as it rises to places never touched.

How will I know, when it’s time to stop?
How can I see tomorrow, when I am lost today?
Today’s yesterday, becomes tomorrow past, only to repeat its self over and over again.
Cradled in time, lost forever where those go who seek what no one finds.

How does reality, choose to travel?
How will history, be written?
Peace is for those who seek death, life comes with a price.
Tomorrows will come, todays are here now and yesterdays, are lost forever.

How far, must I travel to reach tomorrow?


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