Thursday, March 29, 2007

Days of Color ©©

Days of gold, times of old.
Where did they go, I really want to know?
Nights of thunder, always made me wonder.
Was it the rain or am I insane.

Days of blue, makes me wonder if ever I knew you.
Sliding through life, stabbed by a knife.
Where did I lack to get it in the back?
A step in tomorrow, takes away ones sorrow.

Days of red; dance for the dead.
Notes sweetly rise high, just before I die.
Music is the key, for us to see.
Pain the feeling, making you a being.

Days of white, gives sight
Purity of soul and that raise one from any deep hole
Angels fly high into the sky
Or come down to take away a frown

Days of black, where no one comes back
Night brings silence for those with patience
Sweet scent of lavender a reminder of her
Heaven lives in the night, it only makes it look bright


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