Friday, March 16, 2007

It's In The Song ©©

Someone once asked how I find the music that go with some of my poems.
I don’t, we meet in the night while I’m strolling and looking at today, the here and now.

Like the song playing here came on one night while I was walking home and saw an old man that looked like a hundred years old……….waiting, for what I don’t know.

As I walked by him I saw his ancient clothes from decades gone by, held together by the dirt and grim of time…….a testament to his journey.

His pain stains the cloth he wears with pride and honour, a badge of his triumph over the naked truth and his resilience to what came his way.

Baptized in blood, sweat and tears, the scares of time are reminders of where he has been and for why…….why?

Deep into his eyes they tell another story, one of love, a never-ending love, but outside a shroud of sadness covers what should be seen.

Time has beaten him time and time again but he still fights for that one thing he loves more than anything.

I walk past the mirror and will see that old man again some day when life has finished loving me and am left with only the music singing in my ear.

So when I sit to write a poem I never know what song might come to me and say “hey baby, can I walk with you a while”.


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