Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sailing Into Tomorrow ©©

Where do I go?
Where you belong.
Who has what I want?
Who you gave it to.
When do the skies open to the sun?
When the wind blows the clouds away.
How do you dance with your laces tied?
How can you lie down and not try.

Where is tomorrow?
Where there is no beginning.
Who have I become?
Who I was meant to be.
When the time comes will they find me?
When it’s time they always do.
How will they know it’s me they want?
How they always do, you tell them.

Where is yesterday?
Where there is no end.
Who was there?
Who stayed and never left.
When will I see the past?
When there is no tomorrow.
How do I forget?
How do you stop living.

Where is my ship docked?
Where the sunsets meet the rising sun.
Who’s son will I be?
Who ever gives you a breast.
When will the sails unfurl?
When you face where you want to go.
How far will I sail?
How far do you want to sail?

Where do these waters lead?
Where you have never been and never left.
Who will sail with me?
Who ever wishes too.
When will the storms roll in?
When you least expect.
How will I swim?
How everyone else does, with outstretched arms.

Where do these questions come from?
Where life and your path join.
Who is asking them?
Who ever needs you that most.
When will they stop?
When the lights go out.
How will I know the answers?
How will you know the question?

Where will I be when the time comes?
Where you want to be.
Who will I have to face?
Who you see in the mirror.
When does the time come?
When you are no longer needed.
How will I know when I am at the end?
How can you not.


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