Sunday, February 04, 2007

Passages ©©

Shadows grow across the plains chasing the end of the world looking for the sun to shine where the light no longer stops to visit.

A melody played by fools across the centuries looking for the unattainable to touch them where there is a warmth that could only be seen, not felt

The traveler walks through space and time looking, touching going forth where the stars touch the horizon at the end of the road.

Like a snake the path makes its way around the universe, blind to each corner ahead forgotten from whence it begun.

The darkness brings a silence that can be heard screaming, vibrating the space held deep inside, shattering reality.

The shadows grow embracing the silence, chasing the sun for eternity to consummate what can never be day will never lay down with the night.

The world spins as the night chases day into tomorrow following the path which lays ahead to the heavens as the moon shines down on the shadows with the sun’s mocking glow.


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