Friday, April 27, 2007

Questioning Life ©©

What do I have to do, to be understood?
Where do I have to go to be free?
Why do people always misunderstand me?
When will everything be right?

My road has been so long so far.
Dust chokes every breath I take.
Age has not been kind to my wants.
Time is cruel.

What have I done to be treated as I am?
Where did I go wrong when all I wanted was to make things right?
Why is life so complicated?
When will the clock run down?

I have heard laughter.
Tears have fuelled fires.
Anger rages as love quells desires.
Hate caresses the blind.

What do I do when the world crashes down on me?
Where do I hide?
Why must life put me through hell?
When will I see peace?


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