Saturday, April 28, 2007

Touched ©©

A breeze comes to brush by my face, caressing me softly, picking me up and carrying me to where I want to go, floating weightlessly forward where the song of a nightingale on a limb serenades me as I pass by with her song of love of life, eyes closed I move across listening to every note matching every movement I make as sweet scents of spring dance with me across the park, step by step, skip for skip in tune with the waves as they crash against the rocks sending a fine mist into the air letting me taste the salt air with every breath I take in energizing me as the warm smile of the sun warms my soul as beauty engulfs my thoughts, drifting in and out, drifting in stride with what has been set forth for all to enjoy without thought just want and need to be touched by what the senses allow you to feel, if you let them reach out to touch you with the soft embrace of smell, touch, taste to see what wonders lay before you to explore and see what you hear or taste or that smell that reels you close to make love to your curiosity and satisfy a mystery you have been trying to understand not solve so you could be part of it to touch others as you have been touched by what life has allowed you to, like the dancing notes on a sheet of music, life plays the melody you want to hear to encourage you to enjoy what is around you, the simplicity of what lays before you and not what you make of it because you are the conductor of this symphony thus direct the pace you want to live the song you have been given to perform to touch those that sing to it when you play the melody for all to hear, see, smell, touch and taste what life is all about because life sweeps down and touches you with not hands but with the senses you have been bestowed with, how you use them is how you will love life.



Anonymous said...

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