Sunday, April 29, 2007

Voyages ©©

What have these eyes seen that only I know?
Where have I been where no one has been before?
I have danced with the reaper twice to a slow song.
I have touched the heavens only to be sent back.

I have climbed a mountain to the top to see god’s house
Only to fall on a soft cloud in the arms of someone waiting for me
I have wet my foot in two oceans to feel the warmth of one and the cold of another
I have smelled the salt air that stings my face waking me up

Fear has pierced my soul
As love has soften my heart
Time has passed swiftly bye when I didn’t want it
Yet slowed when I wanted it to pass

A child’s smile lends to hope as a new dawn rises to a new day
As tears of sadness dash dreams of tomorrow
I have seen the future and dread it’s coming
Why can’t they see what I see?


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